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Venezuelan’s Maduro Creates Socialist Enterprise System to Kickstart Production

Caracas, February 23, 2016 ( – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Monday the creation of the National Productive Corporation as part of new socialist enterprise system aimed at coordinating efforts among existing state, communal, and mixed firms.

Speaking from the Ana Maria Campo Petrochemical Complex in Zulia state, the leftist leader indicated that the new entity would be tasked with unifying the more than one thousand public enterprises in “single vision of planning, management, productivity, and maximum efficiency”. 

Headed by Venezuelan National Telephone Company (CANTV) President Manuel Fernandez, the National Productive Corporation will interface between key public firms such as PDVSA, CONVIASA, CITGO, SIDOR, among numerous others.

In addition to improving efficiency among the country’s labyrinthine array of state companies, the new body is intended to take on “the corruption that has entered all levels of the distributive process like a cancer,” Maduro added, alluding to his government’s ongoing anti-corruption drive that has seen over 55 public employees jailed so far.

To this end, the head of state also outlined the establishment of a new socialist management school for public employees aimed at promoting technical expertise and a new culture of work guided by “a vision towards production”.

The president’s announcements come as the country’s opposition-controlled National Assembly prepares to debate a new law that Chavistas warn will pave the way for the privatization of public enterprises.

Maduro denounced the new legislation and urged workers to mobilize in defense of the public sector. 

“It’s a law to privatize and plunder the country like they did when they used to govern, when they privatized SIDOR, CANT, VIASA and put an end to the economic structure of the country, [National Assembly President] Ramos Allup and company.”

“The working class must take to the streets to confront and defeat [the law], you can count on my support to defeat it,” he affirmed.

Published on Feb 24th 2016 at 9.24am