Venezuela: Massive Turnout at Elections Simulation

Thousands of Venezuelan voters took to the streets early Sunday morning in order to participate in the vote simulation convoked by the electoral authorities before election day on Dec. 6.


The simulation is to check that the system is functioning well, and to review the technical and logistical details. 

According to news reports, the day passed without event. On social media, the simulation was referred to with the hashtag #SomosElVoto (“we are the vote”). 

“All the poll stations in Bolivar [province] opened for the electoral simulation” – The Venezuelan United Socialist Party (PSUV) in Bolivar.

About 4,455 voting stations were activated in the country’s  87 electoral districts. They opened at 8 a.m. and closed seven hours later, at 3 p.m. 

Almost 20 million Venezuelans are registered and will be entitled to chose their 167 lawmakers on Dec. 6. 

Edited by Venezuelanalysis.