Dominican Republic investigation of conspiracy against Venezuelan government described as “a mockery”

Vice-minister of Foreign Relations, Arevalo Mendez, says that Venezuela is not satisfied with quick investigation by Dominican government about conspiracy against Venezuela.

Caracas, 20 Sep. Venezuela’s vice-minister of Foreign Relations, Arevalo Mendez, described as “a mockery” the attitude assumed by the government of the Dominican Republic after President Chávez denounced a conspiracy against him planned in the Caribbean island with the help of Venezuelan opposition leaders.

Mendez said that the reason why the Venezuelan government cut the supply of oil to the Dominican Republic is because “we are not satisfied with the answer that the Dominican government gave us on the investigation request made by Venezuela, because 48 hours later irresponsibly responded that already they had investigated and that they found nothing, that is a mockery. We think that they are mocking the Venezuelan government”.

Earilier this week, Venezuela suspended oil shipments to the Dominican Republic until the country investigates the conspiracy being led, supposedly, by former Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez, who has lived under exile in the island after being found guilty of corruption in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s ambassador to the island has been ordered to stay in Venezuela until the controversy is resolved.

Venzuela sells oil below market prices to the Dominican Republic, due to an agreement between Venezuela, Mexico, and several Central American and Caribbean nations.

No blackmail

With regard to the use of oil as a tool to pressure the Dominican government, the vice-minister said “we can’t be talking about blackmail since in this circumstances, the Venezuelan decision is very clear, and it has been well explained”.