Activists Launch Global Solidarity Campaign with Venezuela

Activists and social movements around the globe took to the streets this Sunday in solidarity with the Venezuelan government.  


Activists and civil citizens representing various social movements from across the globe will carry out a series coordinated activities on Sunday as part of an international solidarity campaign with the government of Venezuela.   

The solidarity campaign, which was organized by participants of the Sao Paulo Forum, met last Monday in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, ratifying their support to President Nicolas Maduro in face of the U.S. sanctions against Venezuela.  
According to the Secretary-General of the Sao Paulo Forum Monica Valente, left-wing organizations in France, Belgium and Portugal will hold solidarity protests in support with the Venezuelan government.   
“As of today we have concerts confirms in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba, and other popular protests in Cuba, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Mexico, Puerto Rico and in Trinidad and Tobago,” Valente stated. 
The forum’s head said that the members of the forum agreed that all the left-wing parties comprised in the Sao Paulo Forum would accompany the people of Venezuela in its struggle against foreign interference, particularly that of the United States.  
 “The idea is to raise a large wave of public opinion in favor of Venezuela and against intervention,” Valente added.  
In Dallas, Texas various groups have a rally planned at 2:00 p.m. local time to express their solidarity with Venezuela. 
In Russia, a massive show of support took place at the Venezuelan embassy, while in Puerto Rico various social organizations gathered publicly to denounce the U.S. aggression against the South American country. 
In Spain, the Bolivarian Platform of Solidarity with Venezuela called on the repeal of Obama’s order and accusing the United States of being the main threat against world peace.