Venezuela Will Denounce U.S. Executive Order at the UN, Declares “Anti-Imperialist” Holiday

The Venezuelan government announced Tuesday it will rebuke the United States’ government at the United Nations for the executive order, approved by President Barack Obama, declaring the South American country a national security threat.


“We will organize an extensive session to denounce the aggression that our country is suffering,” Venezuela’s U.N. Ambassador Rafael Ramirez explained.

He added that the Venezuelan delegation will use the statements issued by CELAC, UNASUR and the ALBA group of nations to back its position.

“All of these statements coincide with a request for President Obama’s government to repeal the executive order he illegally passed and that violates every principle established by the UN charter and international law,” added Ramirez.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro met Tuesday with his cabinet to discuss the diplomatic response that his government will implement, ahead of the Americas Summit to be held in Panama next week.

“Anti-imperialist” Day Officially Created

Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, has officially announced the creation of a “Bolivarian Day of Anti-imperialism” which will be celebrated annually on March 9th.

The day will be in commemoration of the Venezuelan people’s reaction to the Executive Order released by the U.S. Obama administration on the same date in March this year.

The designation, which declares Venezuela a “national security threat” and paves the way for further sanctions, has seen mass marches and rallies across Venezuela in defence of the country’s sovereignty, as well as over 6 million signatures added to a national petition demanding that Obama revoke the order. 

“The history books will remember President Obama as the one who tried to intimidate a peoples and in the attempt, illicited the nationalist, patriotic and Bolivarian spirit of that peoples,” explained Maduro on national state television channel, VTV. 

With additional reporting from Venezuelanalysis