Opposition Groups Suspected in Venezuelan Telecom Firm Attack

According to preliminary report, petrol bombs were thrown at the state-run company's headquarters, destroying eight vehicles.


Venezuela’s Public Ministry is investigating the destruction of eight vehicles from the state-run telecommunications company CANTV in Puerto Ordaz, located in Bolivar state.

According to preliminary information, at approximately 3:00 am Saturday a group of people threw a petrol bomb at company’s headquarters, caused the destruction of eight vehicles.

Although the attackers have not being identified yet, right-wing opposition groups and sympathizers have attacked public buildings and infrastructure in the past.

Opposition leaders sparked riots last year, during which 43 people were killed and billions in damage to public infrastructure inflicted.

Venezuela’s government has been implementing a democratically-approved socialist revolution since 1999. Since then, the Bolivarian government has operated under the constant threat of destabilization attempts from right-wing forces within the country, and external threats including the United States, which supported a coup attempt in 2002 and in December passed sanctions against the country.

For the last year, an element of the pressure against the Venezuelan society has included economic sabotage in the form of underproduction of goods as well as hoarding and speculation on goods and supplies.