Alleged Mastermind of Venezuelan Legislator’s Murder Arrested

The Venezuelan Supreme Court confirmed the arrest of a man they suspect was one of the masterminds behind the assassination of socialist party leader Robert Serra on October 1. 


On Friday, Venezuela’s Supreme Court announced the arrest of Jaime Padilla in association with the death of socialist legislator Robert Serra and his partner Maria Herrera. The highest judicial body of this South American nation believes that Padilla is one of the masterminds behind the murders on October 1.

According to an official statement, the measure was confirmed by the Criminal Judicial Circuit of the Metropolitan Area of Caracas and for the crime of aggravated murder.

During the presentation hearing, the jury decided that Padilla is also linked to other criminal acts including identity theft and criminal association. He was also charged as co-perpetrator of homicide with premeditation.

Earlier this week, the Venezuelan Public Ministry announced that 10 people had been arrested for the killings. Among the arrested are: Edwin Torres, Carlos Henrique García, Dani Henrique Salinas, Jhony Padilla, Neira Palomino, Yusmelys Meregote, Raide Jesús Espinoza, Eddy Ricardo Romero, Waly Pacheco and Anaya Nadis Orozco. Arrest warrants have been issued for four other people; three of whom were reported on Interpol’s red alert list.