Venezuelan Opposition Protestors Dress as KKK

Far right sectors of the Venezuelan opposition, who have been calling for the "exit" of the elected government, have resumed violent actions and blockades.

On Sunday, a small group of the Venezuelan opposition blocked roads in the wealthy east of Caracas, maintaining a demand they have had since the start of this year for the “exit”of democratically elected president, Nicolas Maduro.

Opposition supporters yesterday called their protest, which involved wearing hats resembling masks of the white-supremacist Klu Klux Klan (KKK), “creative”:

In February to May this year, far right sectors of the opposition, following calls by opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machada, blocked roads around the country, preventing essential supplies from reaching the population. They also destroyed community radio stations, a range of institutional buildings, and set numerous buses alight. Over 40 people were killed in confrontations, by opposition snipers, from crashes due to their blockades, and in a few instances, opposition protestors were killed by security forces. 

teleSUR witnessed the burning of effigies of Chavistas, the hanging of effigies from bridges, violent attacks and shooting of journalists, as well as racist and sexist heckling by blockaders as community members tried to return to or leave their homes.

Over the last week, small instances of those actions appeared to have resumed, with opposition sectors setting a migration office alight in Lara state. See Opposition Groups Vandalize Public Buildings in Venezuela