Venezuela Criticizes US Drama for Accusing Maduro of Buying Biological Weapons

The television series Legends has been criticized by the Venezuelan government for a scene in which a character accuses President Maduro and the PSUV party of planning to buy chemical weapons.

By TeleSUR English
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The series "Legends" airs on TNT. (21st Century Fox)
The series "Legends" airs on TNT. (21st Century Fox)

Legends is a cop show broadcast to pay TV viewers on the channel TNT.

​The British newspaper The Guardian, reports that in the third episode entitled “The Lords of War,” the star of the show, Sean Bean, tortures a terrorist to find out who is buying his biological arms. The terrorist blurts out: “Maduro! PSUV! They’re worried about the civil unrest in Venezuela!”

Venezuelan Communications Minister, Delcy Rodríguez wrote on Twitter account that the show presented lies and manipulations typical of Hollywood scripts that malign legitimate governments headed by leaders regarded as unsympathetic to imperial interests.

Fox 21, the  producer of the show, eventually apologized to Maduro for the incident, stating that Legends is “obviously fiction” and that there was no intention to suggest that the dramatic representation of President Maduro’s words or actions referred to real events.

The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), which regulates subscriber TV, said that an investigation of Legends would be opened, without giving any details about possible sanctions

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