Thousands of Community Doctors Graduate from Government Health Program in Venezuela

During a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace of Miraflores in Caracas, head of state Nicolas Maduro presided over the graduation of a new group of community doctors on Monday to ensure healthcare for the nation’s poor.


The act was held in celebration of Venezuela’s National Doctor’s Day and saw the participation of graduating students from the states of Miranda, Vargas, and the Capital District of Caracas.

Monday’s group formed part of the 2,585 new Venezuelan doctors who received their diplomas from a government sponsored program that has trained more than 18,000 medical professionals over the past decade. President Maduro stated during the commencement ceremony that 20,000 students are currently receiving training in the program, which is a joint initiative between Venezuela and Cuba.

Thanks to the collaboration between the allied governments of Havana and Caracas, the head of state said, the social mission Barrio Adentro was created in 2003 and has carried out millions of free

check-ups, operations, and rehabilitation programs for the Venezuelan population.

“We have to be aware that with the birth of Barrio Adentro in 2003, we saw the initiation of a new era and the construction of a new public healthcare system that is free, universal, and of maximum

scientific quality”, Maduro affirmed. In his address, the former union leader also announced greater investment in Venezuela’s public health infrastructure.

More than Bs1.8 billion has been approved for the construction and repair of Barrio Adentro health centers, for the creation of a new hospital for the community of San Felix in the state of Bolivar, and for the acquisition of vaccines.

Twenty-four additional hospitals will also receive a boost in funding which, according to Maduro, will “put them in a situation of optimal operational capacity”.

Venezuelan Health Minister Francisco Armada referred to the construction of more than 10 thousand community health centers in Venezuela as a result of Barrio Adentro and as “a consolidation of the national public health system”.

“We celebrate…this dream of Comandante [Hugo] Chavez when he redesigned, alongside Fidel Castro, what is the right to health care. The reality is that people who had no type of health care today have access to health services which are guaranteed as a result of Barrio Adentro”, Armada said.

Meeting With Artists

Later on Monday, Maduro attended a meeting with musicians, poets, and celebrities who have joined the government’s call for peace and dialogue in the face of the violent protests that have occurred in some municipalities in the country.

The event, entitled “Songs of Tolerance and Peace” saw the delivery of a series of proposals

by Venezuelan artists to promote understanding between the different political factions in the country.

“Lets create an international campaign for peace”, said merengue singer Omar


“Some international artists have created a vision of the country which isn’t real. In the face of this, we have the duty to tell the truth and to carry this message of peace…our reality is totally different

than what has been shown in the international media”, Enrique stated.

Minor  editing by Venezuelanalysis.