Results of Venezuelan Municipal Elections Announced (Updated)

The National Electoral Council (CNE) has announced the first results of the Venezuelan municipal elections held today.


Caracas, 8th December 2013 ( – The National Electoral Council (CNE) has announced the first results of the Venezuelan municipal elections held today.

Mayors and local councilors were elected for the country’s 335 municipalities, as well as the metropolitan mayors of Caracas and Alto Apure.

CNE president Tibisay Lucena read out the results. Turnout was 58.92%, with 97% of votes counted.

The results for 77% of mayoralties were announced, with the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and its allies winning 196 of the 257 mayoral position results that are so far irreversible.

According to the first bulletin results, the MUD won 53 municipalities, while other parties won 8.

The PSUV and allies won 49,24% (5,111,336) of the vote nationally, versus 42,72% (4,435,097) of the vote to the MUD .

Update: According to state news agency AVN, of the 337 mayors elected, the final vote counts awarded 256 mayoralties (76%) to pro-government forces. Of these 242 were won by the PSUV / GPP coalition, and 13 by alternative “Chavista” candidacies. Meanwhile the MUD won 76 mayoralties (22.5%), and 5 (1.5%) were won by independent political forces.

The PSUV won fourteen of the twenty four regional capitols (including Liberator municipality  in Caracas), while the MUD won ten, including the country’s five largest cities.

The PSUV candidate, Jorge Rodriguez, was reelected as mayor of the central Libertador municipality of Caracas with 54.55% of the vote.

The candidate for the MUD won the mayoralties in the cities of Maracaibo and Valencia, Venezuela’s second and third largest cities. The MUD candidate Antonio Ledezma also won the mayoralty of Metropolitan Caracas, on 50.81%.

The results of the country’s state capitals so far are as follows:

List of Results in the Main Municipalities of Venezuela

Municipalities Venezuela 2013 (First Official Bulletin)

Votes counted: 97.52%

Turnout: 58.92%

Libertador Municipality, Distrito Capital (Caracas). PSUV, 54.55%

Metropolitan Caracas, MUD, 50.81%

San Fernando de Apure Municipality, Apure state(south east). PSUV, 65%

Barinas Municipality,  Barinas state (south east), 54.45%

Pérez Municipality, Bolívar state (south), PSUV, 46.06%

Girardot Municipality, Aragua state (central north), PSUV, 51.53%

Valencia Municipality, Carabobo state (central north), MUD, 55.87%

Ezequiel Zamora Municipality, Cojedes state (central north), PSUV, 54.62%

Tucupita Municipality, Delta Amacuro state (east), PSUV, 54.07%

Iribarren Municipality, Lara state (west), MUD, 53.12%

Libertador Municipality, Mérida state (south east). MUD, 63.38%

Guaicaipuro Municipality, Miranda state (central north), PSUV, 51.93%

Arismendi Municipality, Nueva Esparta state (east), MUD, 48.62%

Guanare Municipality, Portuguesa state, PSUV, 70.43%.

Sucre Municipality, Sucre, PSUV, 54.39%.

San Cristobal Municipality, Táchira state (south east), MUD, 67.86%.

Trujillo Municipality, Trujillo state (south east), PSUV 53.44%.

San Felipe Municipality, Yaracuy state(west), PSUV 49.55%.

Vargas Municipality, Vargas state, PSUV, 53.72%.

Maracaibo Municipality,  Zulia state, MUD, 51.8%.

This article will be updated in real time as more results come in.