Code Pink and Task Force on the Americas Lead Solidarity Delegation to Venezuela

Activists spent 10 days in Venezuela and got to know several popular power experiences.

A group of 15 US-based activists recently visited Venezuela. Code Pink and the Task Force on the Americas organized the “Kevin Zeese Solidarity Brigade” that stayed in the Caribbean country from August 3 to 13.

The delegation had a special focus on communes and popular power. Beginning in Caracas, activists spent time in the Panal 2021 Commune in the 23 de Enero barrio before traveling east, where were hosted by the 5 Fortalezas Commune (Cumanacoa, Sucre state) and the Cacique Guaicaipuro Commune (Barcelona, Anzoátegui state). They also held meetings with Communard Union leaders, as well as state officials, journalists and other local activists.

(All photos by delegation members. A more extensive gallery is available here)