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A huge collection of Websites related to the political, social, and cultural situation of Venezuela. Updated November 2013.




Basic Information on Venezuela

Wikipedia on Venezuela

CIA Factbook

Encyclopedia Britannica

News & Analysis

AVN (English) - articles from the government's news agency in English

Axis of Logic Venezuela Section - Collection of opinion and analysis articles on Venezuela

Correo del Orinoco English version - Venezuela's only English-language print newspaper

El Universal English section – Local opposition daily newspaper

Google news search on Venezuela

Petroleumworld - English-language news on the oil industries of Venezuela, Bolivia, Trinidad, and Peru

VenEconomy Today

Venezuela Star - Compilation of news articles with focus on Venezuela, but also covering the rest of the world, apparently randomly selected

ZNet Venezuela Watch - Analysis and opinion articles about Venezuela from a progressive perspective




Venezuela: Translating the revolution -  translations of interesting and important Venezuelan news articles and opinion pieces.

BoRev - bitingly funny comments on mainstream media news coverage of Venezuela. No new postings snice 2010.

Cowboy in Caracas - former Maryknoll priest from Wisconsin with decades of experience in Venezuela, author of a book with the same name. Infrequently updated.

Oil Wars - in-depth commentary mostly on Venezuela and occasionally on the war in Iraq. Last updated 2010.

Postcards from the Revolution - Eva Golinger's informative blog.

Red Pepper's Venezuela Blog - Red Pepper, a progressive British magazine presents news and analysis on Venezuela, edited by Pablo Navarrete. Last updated 2010.



Caracas Chronicles - commentary by Venezuelan expatriate Francisco Toro and Katy

Citizen Feathers - Venezuelan expat in California

The Devil's Excrement - one of the longest running anti-Chavez blogs, by Miguel Octavio, an Orchid aficionado and dedicated blogger, from Caracas

The End of Venezuela as I know it - A Venezuelan university student writes on Venezuela and the anti-Chavez student movement

VCrisis - an on again, off again Chavez-hating and Pinochet-praising blog by Aleksander Boyd. Last updated 2010.

Venezuela News and Views - by Daniel Duquenal, a view from Yaracuy state


Human Rights (anti-government to neutral)

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Washington Office on Latin America


Solidarity Groups - U.S. 

Anti-War.Com - Venezuela Section

Bolivarian Resistance: Adios US Militarry Bases

ChicagoVenezuela · Chicago-Venezuela

International Action Center - Venezuela Campaign

U.S. Hands Off Venezuela!

Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution (last updated 2006)

Vsglist · Venezuela Solidarity Group


Hands Off Venezuela!

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign


Venezuela We Are With You Coalition

Hugo Chavez People's Defense Front

Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network

Australia/New Zealand

Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network

Direct Action - a monthly newspaper that defends and promotes the Venezuelan revolution to an Australian audience. Last updated March 2013.

GreenLeft Weekly - international section includes regular Venezuela updates

VenSol : Venezuela Solidarity

Other Venezuela-Related Groups/Sites

Global Women's Strike

In Defence of Marxism - Venezuela Section

International Viewpoint - Venezuela Section

Links, International Journal of Socialist Renewal - Venezuela section

Prout Research Institute of Venezuela

Trinicenter - Venezuela page

Upside Down World - Venezuela page

Viva Chavez - last updated 2008



Lonely Planet

Think Venezuela

Venezuela Yours

WikiTravel - A wiki with general information on traveling to Venezuela


Australia-Venezuela solidarity brigades

Global Exchange - Venezuela Program - Organizes delegations to Venezuela on a regular basis




LANIC - Latin American Network Information Center of the University of Texas, many useful links to Venezuelan websites, especially for academics

News & Analysis


El Mundo - daily newspaper dedicated to economic analysis

Entorno Inteligente – daily collection of articles from most of Venezuela’s main newspapers

Panorama - Maracaibo - another important source of non-opposition reporting.

Televen - Third largest national television network

Últimas Noticias - Venezuela's largest newspaper. One of the few that provides objective and balanced news on Venezuela. (subscription needed)

Venevisión - Venezuela's largest television network, owned by Gustavo Cisneros


Aló Presidente – website of  archived content from Chavez’s weekly program

America XXI – Venezuelan produced magazine distributed across the continent

Antiescuá - one of the first and most important pro-Chavez sites.

Aporrea - constantly updated news and analysis

Ciudad CCS – daily newspaper produced by Alcaldia de Caracas

Correo del Orinoco – daily pro-government newspaper

Diario Vea - pro-government newspaper

MINCI News – news from Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information, also known as SIBCI

Radio del Sur – Latin American wide radio network established by Venezuela

Rebelión - Venezuela - a site dedicated to news and analysis on Latin America, with a special section on Venezuela.

RNV - the main state-run radio channel, has an excellent website

Tatuy TV - Community television station in Merida state

TeleSUR - The only alternative to CNN en español for Latin America, financed by Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, and Uruguay

Venezolana de Televisión - the main state-run television station

Vive - a national community TV channel, excellent website

Anti-Government/Opposition (small selection)

Correo del Caroní - Ciudad Guayana

Descifrado - something like a "Drudge Report" for the opposition

El Nacional - One of Venezuela's main newspapers, from a supposedly social democratic perspective, but very anti-Chavez (subscription needed)

El Universal - Venezuela's oldest newspaper, quite conservative

Globovisión - 24-hour national news channel

NoticieroDigital - a collection of columnists, mostly opposition, but with some pro-government and with very rowdy and very anti-Chavez discussion forums

RCTV - formerly on VHF, as of May 27, 2007 "only" on internet, cable, and satellite

Tal Cual - afternoon newspaper founded by Teodoro Petkoff (subscription only)

Unión Radio - Venezuela's main oppositional news radio station, has some pro-government programs, though.


Human Rights

Defensoria del Pueblo - The government's human rights defender's office, which has in-depth information on a variety of human rights cases, such as the April 2002 coup attempt and extra-judicial executions of presumed criminals by local police forces

PROVEA - Venezuela's most respected human rights group, which presents the most balanced picture of human rights in Venezuela.


PSUV – official website of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela

Venezuelan Communist Party and its Newspaper

Soberanía - a site dedicated to analyzing the oil industry. While generally pro-Chavez it is opposed the government's oil policy, criticizing it from the left

La Guarura - anarchist leaning site, sometimes critical of the national government from a left wing perspective

Anti-Government/Opposition -opposition site dedicated towards presenting the Chavez government as the main perpetrators of the Aprill 11, 2002 deaths.

Fedecámaras - the country's largest Chamber of Commerce, which helped organized the April 2002 coup attempt. – website of far left opposition to Chavez government

Primero Justicia - one of Venezuela's newest and more successful conservative/neo-liberal parties.

Venezuelan Government

Ministries of Popular Power

Agricultura y Tierras - Agriculture and Land

Alimentación - Food

Ambiente - Environment

Ciencia, Tecnología e Industrias Intermedias – Science, Technology and medium sized industry

Comercio – Trade

Comunas y Proteccion Social – Communes and Social Protection (Now Ministry of Communes and Social Movements)

Comunicación y la Información - Communication and Information

Cultura - Culture

Defensa - Defense

Deporte - Sports

Educación - Education

Educación Superior - Higher Education

Energía y Petróleo - Energy and Petroleum

Industrias Básicas y Minería - Basic Industries and Mines

Obras Publicas y Vivienda – Public Works and Housing

Planificacion y Finanzas – Planning and Finances

Presidencia de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela - Presidency

Pueblos Indígenas - Indigenous Peoples

Relaciones Exteriores - Foreign Relations

Relaciones Interiores y Justicia - Interior and Justice

Salud - Health

Trabajo y Seguridad Social - Work and Social Security

Turismo - Tourism

Vicepresidencia de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela - Vice-Presidency

Other State Institutions

Asamblea Nacional - National Assembly

Banco Central de Venezuela - Venezuelan Central Bank

Consejo Nacional Electoral - National Electoral Council

Contraloría General - Comptroller General

Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones – National Telecommunications Commission

Defensoría del Pueblo - Defender of the People (Human Rights Defender)

Fiscalia General - Attorney General

Tribunal Supremo de Justicia - Supreme Tribunal of Justice

Venezuelan Embassy in the U.S.

Venezuelan Embassy in the U.K.