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Norway's Oil/Gas Survey for Honduras Report

This is part of the Petroleum Geo Services summary of their current product from seismic surveying off the coast of Nicaragua one year ago. Those in the know say this data demonstrates definitively that the geology of this portion of the Caribbean is similar to that offshore Cuba and Yucatan (Mexico's Zone 5). In short many billions of dollars worth of oil and gas. I submit this is the major reason for gringo imperialism to have acted against Honduras and why they are maintaining their puppet regime there now.

Honduras MC2D


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Basque Solidarity Activist Prevented from Entering Venezuela -- Shame on the Venezuelan Gov't!

Can you believe it?!? The reactionary Calderon Government of Mexico and that country's version of a social-democratic party, the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), can accept the presence of Walter Wendelin in their midst, but "Revolutionary" Venezuela refuses entry to a person who was in the country only a year earlier! Why has "Revolutionary" Venezuela become so concerned with pre-emptively placating imperialism (U.S. and European Union) and the imperialist press?

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Advice for Obama?

I would love to see an interview in the international press--of what President Hugo Chavez would do if he were president of the USA!--that would make some great international news--we have a country where more than 100K people die from lack of housing and health care--where 10% of the houses are in foreclosure or faced with it--where people are evicted and move into their cars--and communities deal with the problem by OUTLAWING SLEEPING IN YOUR CAR--they call it "camping"!!--the poor become dispossessed and destitute --end up in the jails and prisons where the expense of torturing and punishi

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Propose Investigation of America's Massacre of 575 Indian Tribes

The Bolivarian revolution is alive and well despite the occupation of Colombia by the American military. President Uribe had better click his heels whenever the imperial American commander approaches or the American gestapo (private army of USA empire) may decide to replace him. The media is the key to expand the Bolivian revolution throughout Latin America and the world. The criminal history of the empire should be examined in great detail and that story broadcast throughout the world until America has admitted it's criminal history and paid reparations for it's misdeeds.

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Policy towards Iran

I am a great admirer of President Chavez, its government and what is doing for Latina America.

I am however in complete disagreement on the position on Iran.

I understand that "my enemy's enemy is my friend" but the Iranian government is a dreadful religious fascist dictatorship which stands against most if not all the thing we support as socialist. They have instead a lot in common with USA religious extremists and the imperial policy of Bush and Obama. They are I would say, very much alike.

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How can we defend Venezuela?

Dear Venezuelanalysis,

Thank you so much for the indispensable and beautiful news and information you provide readers like me with everyday. As a young revolutionary living in a world of war, oppression and hate, the Bolivarian Revolution is one of the beacons of light that gives me hope--that is why I read about it everyday on this website. Every progressive-minded person in the country needs to be familiar with this website.

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Government has no right to a voice?

"Venezuelanalysis is hardly a mouthpiece for the Chávez government. It offers useful detail and analysis on pivotal issues that is unavailable from other media sources."

So what? Why is ok for the opposition media to be the mouthpiece of the opposition, but noone is to be the voice of the chavez government!

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Concerned American leftist-Chavez on Amin, Mugabe

I am a US-citizen leftist with sympathies with the movements in Latin America. I've seen how elites exploit the toiling masses in the global south. And I appreciate the work Mr Chavez and his allies have pursued in health, education, and worker-friendly jobs.

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Sri Lanka: Revolutionary Leaders and Vulnerable Minorities

November 23, 2009,

Dear Editor,

It is appalling to note how a 'revolutionary leader' President Hugo Chavez praises the Sri Lankan leadership which was responsible for the mass carnage on the minority Tamil population in a 'war without witness' earlier this year. (Re: 'Cuba and ALBA let down Sri Lanka's Tamils' by Mr. Ron Ridenour).

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I AGREE with Eva 200%...With climate change being a devastating threat to the species...the time for spreading 21st century socialism is running out...the time for making this revolution is running out. The spreading of socialism and the Bolivarian revolution led by Hugo Chavez is the key hope for humanity right now--for erasing imperialism, war and exploitation and creating a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

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Get Over It! Michael Moore Is A Comedian

I like and respect Eva Golinger's opinion on nearly everything, but the huffing and puffing that she is doing about the Michael Moore appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show classically illustrates what turns most people off about the liberal/progressive positions on everything: its overwhelming lack of a sense of humor.

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Capitalist Militarism or Peaceful Socialist Cooperation

I choose socialism, an economic democracy.

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President Chavez: “Of the People, by the People and for the People” - literally and truly

Dear Sirs,
The interview with President Chavez "There is much to do" you published on September 29th, is exactly the information about Venezuela the peoples of the world need: the first-hand, authentic and unadulterated words of the revolutionary president. It breaks through the dense fog of lies fabricated by imperialist mass-media and shows an example of what a democratic president should do and say when he really is – as Mr. Chavez said many times – the “Soldier of the People”, serving the people and not the greedy bunch of imperialist blood-suckers.

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Venezuela The Ultimate Economic Role Model For Democracy

The past decade has determined the future for democracy with a market based economy. The elite Bush and Clinton mafias have ruled the United States of America for the last 20 years with terrible consequences. The great promise that was America has crumbled with the excesses of the Bush and Clinton mafias. First the CBBs (Crooked Banker Buddies) of FTAA tyrants Bush and Clinton created a $63 TRILLION debt with the derivatives scam.

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people ARE freezing in Maine

In response to Chris' letter about "freezing in Maine".

A common argument used against Chavez is that he is all talk/ rhetoric but does not actually do anything for the Venezuelan people. They say that he puts on a tremendous show by bashing the US and gives cheap oil to poor Americans but does it all for political gain and to stay in power.

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