Extending Cooperation Means Exactly That

I have no knowledge concerning the activities leading to the deportation from Venezuela of these specific three Colombians, but I do know the following: (1) It is high time for FARC-ELN to stop the kidnapping program and eliminate hostage taking. If you have people in Colombia sufficiently dangerous to kidnap them, then shoot them and get on with the civil war. (2) Using Venezuelan territory for these kinds of activities only plays into the hands of gringo imperialism. It provides the objective basis for building an anti-Venezuelan, anti-Socialist, front, at the very time historical forces are working in favor of a permanent anti-US imperialist front, at least in South America if not all of Latin America. (3) Remember, the gringo regime on the Potomac is in very shaky condition itself; it has only two puppet regimes left in South America and it might lose both of them altogether in the next year or so if we don’t make any serious mistakes – such as launching stupid kidnapping and hostage taking plots from ALBA territory. (4) Finally, in general military terms, kidnapping and hostage taking is no substitute for an active program of expanding the armed struggle against reaction in Colombia and against US military bases in that country. In fact, it is a foolish use of revolutionary military resources and leads objective observers to consider whether the FARC-ELN are serious about pursuing the civil war or do they have some ulterior program or objective in mind? I certainly hope this is not true but I am beginning to wonder if this foolishness can be accidental or is in fact contrived?