Congratulations on Denial of US Gimmick

Readers of Venezuelanalysis should know that the idea the Gringo Regime on the Potomac is carrying on any kind of serious “drug war’ is ludicrous. I can tell you from personal experience that the only work the DEA does in the world of international trafficking is to participate in that traffic at the highest possible (to them) level. The idea anyone the Gringo Regime wants in their custody would receive anything even approximating a fair trial is even more ridiculous. After watching how the totally corrupt US federal judicial system has handled the case of the “Cuban Five” that should be equally opposite.
Whatever the merits may be of the real case against Mr. Makled the Venezuelan authorities are much more likely to get to the bottom of it than the totally corrupt US federal judges.
Furthermore, Venezuela should be congratulated on its judicial authorities having worked out an agreement with the increasingly progressive looking turn on the part of the Colombian ruling class which allowed this extradition to occur to a fellow Latin American country rather into the stooge judicial system to the North.