The last time I commented on these US instigated plots against progressive Latin America was over the Honduran coup. What has just happened in Ecuador should be encouraging to progressive forces throughout the region.

The US Government operates what it calls Special Operations Executive missions which are directed against progressive governments and forces (unions for example) throughout South and Middle America. I prefer to call these Gringo Cabals (GC) because in reality I don’t think they have any well organized centralized SOE. In other words, most of the on-the-ground action is being determined by the GC teams themselves. These teams, regardless of how they are ultimately commanded are being sent against targets, such as the Government of Ecuador. Whatever you call them, these SOE teams are made up of US Army Special Forces, US Navy Seals, CIA agents and a variety of affiliated gusano groups, and gringo ronin (unemployed gringo mercenary “contractors” from Iraq and Afghanistan.) A real motley crew that doesn’t take well to bureaucratic centralization. Their structure and the resulting operations much more closely approximate a Mafia “crew” in the USA.

As a matter of interest, these SOE operations for the Andes are run out of the US Embassy in Lima Peru (as opposed, for example, to those directed against Brazil, that are run out of the US Embassy in Brasilia.)

My recommendation at the time of the Honduran coup was that a special reaction force be constructed ready to take off at a moments notice and fly into the area under siege by the GC to restore order. In this way, to prevent these coups from getting to the next step –namely, the winning over of more and more military units and the construction of a new substitute Government.

However, what we saw in Ecuador is even better. It seems obvious to me that President Correa anticipated this possible US coup attempt and had a special reaction force already at hand within the Army. This is better because you can rely upon people of your own country, your own Army, and with whom you have had plenty of preparatory build-up and training with regard to what to expect the gringos to do and how to deal with them. Certainly, by acting quickly this special reaction force, whatever it may be called in Ecuador, was able to prevent the GC from achieving its objectives. In the process the people of Ecuador will have seen who their number one enemy is – i.e., US imperialism.

Communists in the Armies of these progressive countries should consider concentrating in these special reaction detachments. We are the most reliable fighters and it gives us a chance to come to grips face-to-face with the sneaking cowardly
gringo conspirators.