Advice for Obama?

I would love to see an interview in the international press–of what President Hugo Chavez would do if he were president of the USA!–that would make some great international news–we have a country where more than 100K people die from lack of housing and health care–where 10% of the houses are in foreclosure or faced with it–where people are evicted and move into their cars–and communities deal with the problem by OUTLAWING SLEEPING IN YOUR CAR–they call it “camping”!!–the poor become dispossessed and destitute –end up in the jails and prisons where the expense of torturing and punishing them for their poverty runs twice the cost of just giving them low income housing–the jails and prisons in USA are our answer to poverty—anyhow–I think a large portion of the world has respect for what Hugo is doing for the great majority of venezuelan population and it would be a wonderful bit to have him theorize about what he would do to fix the USA!!