Propose Investigation of America’s Massacre of 575 Indian Tribes

The Bolivarian revolution is alive and well despite the occupation of Colombia by the American military. President Uribe had better click his heels whenever the imperial American commander approaches or the American gestapo (private army of USA empire) may decide to replace him. The media is the key to expand the Bolivian revolution throughout Latin America and the world. The criminal history of the empire should be examined in great detail and that story broadcast throughout the world until America has admitted it’s criminal history and paid reparations for it’s misdeeds.

An investigative team from Telesur should visit every Indian tribe in America and document the atrocities suffered by every native American Indian people. The forced death marches of Indian tribes that murdered women and children by the thousands. These death marches forced Indian tribes from rich agricultural lands in Ohio, Florida, Indiana to barren desert lands and swamps designed to kill millions of brave Indians. The empire builders killed these Indian people for their lands and food and stole their diginity with their lives. These horror stories should be dramatized in television and movie media that tells the real story and not coverup the role
of the barbarous European immigrants that became the elite and were free to plunder and rape and kill. Now they rule the empire and search the world for oil to lubricate their $TRILLION war machine.

If Venezuela could reach out a helping hand to their American Indian brothers and assist them to demand justice and the return of their lands that would expose the empire for all the world to see.

Another story that should be told is corruption of Latin America started by Colonel Oliver North of the CIA in Nicaragua in creating the death squads and illegal drug culture in order to defeat the Sandinista movement. A bounty should be paid for Colonel Oliver North’s capture followed by a trial exposing the CIA as the real criminal in the illicit drugs flowing into America and corrupting the children.