I AGREE with Eva 200%…With climate change being a devastating threat to the species…the time for spreading 21st century socialism is running out…the time for making this revolution is running out. The spreading of socialism and the Bolivarian revolution led by Hugo Chavez is the key hope for humanity right now–for erasing imperialism, war and exploitation and creating a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

It is very wonderful and revolutionary that Michael Moore is exposing capitalism as an evil system for the American public however now he needs to take some notes from the people who are truly constructing the alternative and the way forward for humanity. I do not understand why Moore still will not even call himself a socialist. It’s not that difficult.

Any time spent talking to the masses about Chavez and Veneuzela needs to be about raising consciousness about the revolution and speaking the truth to power and not telling more lies about him which is what the enemies of humanity want. Viva Chavez..Go EVA, go Eva, go Eva go!