Get Over It! Michael Moore Is A Comedian

I like and respect Eva Golinger’s opinion on nearly everything, but the huffing and puffing that she is doing about the Michael Moore appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show classically illustrates what turns most people off about the liberal/progressive positions on everything: its overwhelming lack of a sense of humor.
The man was making a joke. In poor taste? Perhaps. Not well thought out? Maybe. But a diplomatic insult to President Chavez. Get over yourself, Eva. The man is a comedian. He makes his living making people laugh. His movies have all had a biting wit to them that makes people keep coming back. And they learn something from them. Like that Fidel Castro is not the 3 headed monster that the US State Department and the CIA have made him out to be. That his socialist state can actually produce a better health care system than the Oh So Capitalist! United States of North America can.
Michael and President Chavez have a history and they like each other. Michael Moore has never taken the shots at Hugo Chavez that the uneducated idiots in the USNA Main Stream Media have. Michael has never expressed anything but the highest respect for President Chavez and his leadership of Venezuela in bringing it out of the morass of neoliberal capitalism and the opening up of opportunity to the indigenous and mixed race people of Venezuela who where for centuries oppressed by the rabbiblanco oligarchs.
If one looks with less than an eye to find fault with everything about the entire show at the picture of Michael and President Chavez, the picture of Nicolas Maduro does give him that deadpan expression of one of those gorilla bodyguard types, and therefore easy pickings for Michael’s humorous comments.
As for Ms. Golinger’s allegation that Michael said that President Chavez was drinking Tequila half the night, again, if one listens to the video without a chip on her shoulder, Mr. Moore implies that he was the one drinking the Tequila and then humorously adds that he then wrote President Chavez’s opening at the UN speech while he was drunk. It is standard lame USNA talk show humor.
I would urge, in the strongest possible terms, that Ms. Golinger and Mario Silva over at VTV quickly GROW UP! This is not the tormenta of the century. There are far more important things to be upset about than some lame jokes on a second rate late night talk show.