Capitalist Militarism or Peaceful Socialist Cooperation

I choose socialism, an economic democracy.

We have turned the corner during the week of September 20, 2009. The “Financial Fools” of the dying Capitalist economy met in Pittsburgh to trivialize and tread water before going under. Meanwhile, the emerging socialist economies met in Venezuela and formed a Latin American Bolivarian/Union of African States socialist economic coalition and announced the formation of an alternative “fair trade” Equity Union which will grow as the Maoist tradition being championed by Chavez spreads to the OPEC Nations and the Peoples Republic of China and to a world unity and cooperation majority that favors peace, meeting the needs of the workers and the poor, inclusion, humanity, equity, rational planning, ecological economic democracy, village/neighborhood sovereignty, inter-community and inter-regional unity and cooperation, quality of life, environmental/public health and wellness, and sustainability.

Concurrently, the militaristic political sham of the UN Security Council was being sufficiently challenged.

There exists a terrible, terrible, opportunity cost relative to the militaristic ways of Capitalist Empire (primarily the USA), the resisting and/or non-cooperating nations and popular movements, the patient, but burdened, Communist State (Peoples’ Republic of China) and the need to dedicate and allocate resources for life needs (habitat improvement and sustainability) in the face of unprecedented resource constraints (particularly but not limited to the fossil fuel resource), population pressures, and the gap between “rich” and poor.

A legitimized UN General Assembly ( a “house of commons”) with a mission to foster and faciltate a cooperative communitarian, mutualist, socialist, peaceful world without divisive borders and banners needs to take center stage in our evolution, in our governance, our transition to a libertarian economic democracy based on the principles previously enunciated.

Meanwhile, the Capitalist Empire must surrender and work out a cooperative economic transition strategy.

Much work is left to be done.

In Peace, Friendship, Community, Cooperation, and Solidarity,

Mike Morin
Eugene, OR, USA