President Chavez: “Of the People, by the People and for the People” – literally and truly

Dear Sirs,
The interview with President Chavez "There is much to do" you published on September 29th, is exactly the information about Venezuela the peoples of the world need: the first-hand, authentic and unadulterated words of the revolutionary president. It breaks through the dense fog of lies fabricated by imperialist mass-media and shows an example of what a democratic president should do and say when he really is – as Mr. Chavez said many times – the “Soldier of the People”, serving the people and not the greedy bunch of imperialist blood-suckers.
This interview exposes the true – profoundly corrupt – nature of Chavez’s adversaries, both in Venezuela and abroad: Obama, Uribe, Micheletti etc. etc., who are not serving their peoples but are the puppets of the global tyranny of the super-rich: the Bilderberg gang & Co.
This interview de-legitimises the perverse “normalcy” of political corruption which the capitalist jet-set violently imposes on the peoples of the world. This “normalcy” opens with Obama’s hands the vaults of Treasury for the moneyed elite and brings the people nothing but misery and wars. President Chavez sets an example of how a politician should act to really be “of the People, by the People and for the People”.
With best behaviorist-socialist regards,