Venezuela The Ultimate Economic Role Model For Democracy

The past decade has determined the future for democracy with a market based economy. The elite Bush and Clinton mafias have ruled the United States of America for the last 20 years with terrible consequences. The great promise that was America has crumbled with the excesses of the Bush and Clinton mafias. First the CBBs (Crooked Banker Buddies) of FTAA tyrants Bush and Clinton created a $63 TRILLION debt with the derivatives scam. Second they created a $13 TRILLION loss since 1991 with the FREE TRADE ponzi scheme that forced American taxpayers to subsidize $BILLION annual trade deficits while plunderers like Philip H Knight founder of NIKE SHOES exported 120,000 American jobs to Honduras and skimmed a $6 BILLION tax free profit from the Honduran labor sweatshops. Third the great American $TRILLION war machine was turned loose on the middle east countries of Iraq and Iran because America is running out of oil and the 6 year war forced the Bush and Clinton mafias to increase America’s debt by $6 TRILLION to finance their expansionist policies in the middle east and Asia. The result of the Bush and Clinton mafia rule has conservatively cost USA $82 TRILLION. This excess has doomed America’s middle class as 50 million people have lost healthcare and 12 million people have been made homeless that include 200,000 American veterans. America is in serious trouble as the military industrial complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned America about has mismanaged and misinformed and misfired (failed to win 6 year Iraq war) and become morally bankrupt when torture of prisoners and assassination of foreign leaders became official policy.

The only hope for the future is the model social democracy created by Venezuela. President Hugo Chavez has created a model for global change that threatens the American democratic model. President George Bush and the republican party saw that when they ordered the 2002 military coup in Venezuela. President Barack Obama’s administration and Hillary Clinton saw that and has launched a two prong attack with the military coup in Honduras and the military occupation of Colombia. President Hugo Chavez has shown great creativity and perserved by repelling the repeated attacks of the threatened neo cons in USA. The new attacks may actually hasten Latin and South American integration which is the stated goal of President Chavez. The present strategy of isolating the countries of Honduras and Colombia is correct because then the parameters that measure a country’s integrity and value and wealth will compare the FREE TRADE supported models with the Venezuelan social democratic model. The peace bases being setup in Venezuela are a brilliant strategy because control of media and the information provided therein will ultimately determine the winner. The neo cons in USA control the media and information and the population is learning that few sources of truth are available. The struggle for democracy and freedom is eternal and the next decade will determine if democracy or tyranny will become the rule of the world.