Freezing in Maine

It's great that people in Maine can request aid from Venezuela.
Surely there are Americans that are struggling in the current economic
climate.  After all, someone making minimum wage in the US is still in
the top 15 percent in wages worldwide.  For most of these, losing
their car, or air conditioner, is the height of poverty.  Even
right-wing Columbians would laugh at such a situation as the US
needing help from Latin America.

I support Venezuela providing economic support to the US for
propaganda value (I meant this honestly, rather than using weasel
words.)  It shows the corruption of the US.  But to pretend that US
citizens are more in need than those in Venezuela or others in third
world countries is a farce.  If Venezuela is serious, perhaps they
will at some point actually remove the capitalists from power.  Here's