Venezuelan Healthcare ready for the world

Venezuela has embarked on an ambitious healthcare program that integrates a social mission of free healthcare for the poor with private hospitals that provide paid healthcare for the elite. This program has been very successful in servicing the rural areas and urban areas. The democratic rulers of Venezuela have offered free medical procedures to all Latin American countries and low income citizens of the United States.

There are two Americans living in Upland, Indiana, USA named Mike Huber and Arletty Ivisa Huber that have taken advantage of the Milagro Mission offered by Venezuela. The amazing thing about Arletty Ivisa Huber is she is originally from Venezuela and is an outspoken critic of President Chavez of Venezuela. Arletty’s husband Mike Huber is a professional trapper and owns a landscape company named Ace Landscaping and he has required cataract eye surgery to prevent blindness in both eyes. The medical procedures would cost $13,000 in Marion, Indiana, USA and Arletty Ivisa Huber was so confident in the Cuban doctors performing the cataract eye surgery on her husband Mike Huber under the Milagro mission program that she purchased airplane tickets and they both flew to Caracas, Venezuela and were accepted into the Milagro mission program. The Cuban doctor and eye surgeon successfully operated on both of Mike Huber’s eyes and also provided FREE post operative care and FREE medication for 3 weeks following the successful eye surgery. Arletty Ivisa Huber was so impressed by the skill of Cuban eye surgeon Dr Lourdes that she offered her a job in her healthcare company “Personal Care Concepts, Inc” located in Marion, Indiana, USA. Arletty Ivisa Huber is a wealthy woman that owns 4 businesses in Marion, Indiana, USA valued at more than $4 million. President Chavez never intended the Milagro Mission in Venezuela for wealthy Americans. If Arletty Ivisa Huber has a conscience then she will reimburse the Venezuelan government at least $10,000 for allowing her to use the Milagro mission to care for her husband Mike Huber. The entire trip to Venezuela cost Arletty Ivisa Huber and Mike Huber $3,200 which meant a savings of $10,000.

This story illustrates the value of the healthcare system that President Chavez has implemented in Venezuela. A country that desperately needs a healthcare system like Venezuela has is communist China. In 1980 China adopted the American healthcare system model and it has become a disaster that can not be ignored any longer. The American healthcare model that failed China and America is the capitalist model that prioritizes treatment over prevention and only the wealthy have access to healthcare. April 6th 2009 China admitted the American capitalist healthcare model was a disaster and announced a 3 year plan with a $124 BILLION budget to prioritize prevention and restore healthcare to the rural areas with guaranteed coverage of 90% of it’s population and China has 1.4 BILLION people that makeup it’s population. If Venezuela packaged their healthcare system as a model to be used in China then they would have a commodity as valuable as their oil.