Let THE HONDURAN PEOPLE decide, Brian Thompson

“Brian Thompson” wrote:


June 27th 2009, by Brian Thompson
In response to your article on coup rumbings: Have you not taken note of the fact that both congress and the Honduran supreme court have declared the referendum illegal? Referendums can be held under law, but they have to be approved by congress. I would hope that we can all agree that a referendum vote called unilaterally by a president is not beneficial to any country’s democratic process. The blatant assault on the other Honduran powers of government by the executive branch is inexcusable: Just because you disagree with a congressional decision doesn’t mean you are exempt from following it, that is Ronald Reagan logic. It’s sad to see that the forces of the Left have succumbed to the very mentality they once despised.”

Well, I couldn’t let “Brian Thompson’s” steaming pile of misleading, elitist, capitalist, imperialist, fascist propaganda go unchallenged.

So, yeah, the unelected Honduran “supreme” court, and the rightwing bourgeois Honduran congress (both institutions of the entrenched bourgeois oligarchy which exploits and impoverishes the people of Honduras), “declared” it “illegal” for the people of Honduras to have a democratic say in the running of their own country and their own lives.

So what? What’s new? The greedy aristocracy hoard their ill-gotten wealth and power, while the working class struggle to survive on crumbs, living in slums… and when the working class want a fair share, the greedy aristocracy’s official representatives say “that is not allowed!”? Since when was some pronouncement by that greedy exploiter class more important than the democratic will the people?

“I would hope that we can all agree that a referendum vote called unilaterally by a president is not beneficial to any country’s democratic process,” says “Brian Thompson”.

Well, a REAL democratic process means that THE PEOPLE make the decisions… and when a constitution stands in the way of that democratic process, then THE PEOPLE, who are the ultimate authority in society, can make a new constitution that SUPPORTS the democratic process… and when a congress of an entrenched bourgeoisie tries to stop THE PEOPLE from making the decisions, then all of us who value democracy stand in solidarity with THE PEOPLE.

To give power to the people is not “an assault” on any institution that is worth a damn.

The forces of the left have always been on the side of the people, campaigning to share out wealth and power among the people. Nothing has changed. This is a beautiful thing – the beauty of true democracy, true socialism.

How long must the cowed, toiling and impoverished masses suffer overwork, disease and malnutrition before they are “allowed” to gain a standard of living fit for human beings, “allowed” to replace capitalist exploitation with diginity and equality, and “allowed” to take back the power over their own lives??? This democratic and socialist way is something much more beautiful than submissively obeying the letter of the greedy rich man’s law!

All power to the people!!!

Bring back Zelaya, the people’s chosen president!!!

No more of the oligarchy’s self-serving lies!!!

Allow a constitutional referendum NOW!!!