Chavez & Ahmedinijad

On 22/6 a letter appeared defending Chavez’s support of Ahmedinijad. Let us not forget that when Chavez went to Iran, he was booed by factory workers when he expressed support for Ahmedinijad. Just because the Iranian government is in conflict with the US doesn’t make it a defensible regime – no more than was Hitler’s when it went to war with the US. Let’s not forget that this is a regime that organizes stoning to death of women accused of infidelity, a government that smashes unions and workers’ strikes. In other words, this regime is totally hostile to working class people and their rights, as well as the rights of women in general.

Chavez had a choice of supporting the working class people of Iran or this right wing regime. By supporting the regime, he has undercut a possible base of support throughout the region.

John Reimann