From Russia – with a warning

Re: “Venezuela and Russia Create Bi National Bank” by J. Suggett: I find the cheerful tone of this article not only misleading, but very dangerous as well. Being a Russian, I would like to warn the Venezuelan revolutionaries against trusting the existing regime of Russia.
This regime is antisocial. This regime is anti-national, i.e. it is acting against the interests of the majority of Russians. This regime is permeated with the agents of US imperialism at all administrative levels. This regime is profoundly corrupt and acts in the interests of a tiny criminal elite who keep their money on bank accounts in the West. Despite the fact that the present power elite of Russia was treated pretty badly by the US and EC imperialists wishing to grind Russia down, Messrs. Putin, Medvedev & Co (PMC) have no intention to change their policies and to serve their people, like Bolivarian revolutionaries do; instead they execute the orders of a bunch of criminal moneyed scumbags, both (anti)-“Russian” and Western.
Please look at the facts:
a) Putin closed down the intelligence-gathering facility at Lourdes, Cuba, and this against the expressed wish of Fidel Castro for this facility to remain in operation;
b) Peruvian civilians were quite recently massacred by the fascist regime of A. Garcia with the help of Russian-built helicopters; whereas the helicopters bought by Venezuelan army from (anti)-“Russian” regime of PMC regularly break down and at least two of them crashed down with a loss of life. There are also no good news about the (anti)-“Russian”-licensed enterprise which is due (and overdue) to manufacture Kalashnikov assault rifles in Venezuela;
c) the PMC gang is now “restructuring” the Russian armed forces, with the single obvious purpose to emasculate this ex-Soviet Red Army with the record of successful fighting back Western imperialist aggressions, turning it into a West-styled mercenary gang terrorizing and murdering the people, like, unfortunately, Latinoamerican military (e.g. in Chile under Pinochet, in Argentina under Vedela or in Nicaragua under Somosa dictatorship) often did;
d) The whole economic policy of the PMC regime is nicely fitting the patterns dictated by Wall Street banksters: the money the (anti)-“Russian” oil corporations make is NOT used for financing infrastructural and social projects which are badly needed in Russia devastated by the preceding 20 years of “privatization” plundering which matches only the plundering of Argentina arranged by Menem and his gang, but was persistently fed to Wall Street banksters in a silly hope to make speculatory profits.
And now Venezuelan officials are giving the criminal (anti)-“Russian” PMC gang the hard-earned PDVSA money (which belongs to the people of Venezuela)! I cannot understand this. It means throwing good money after the bad.
It would be too arrogant of me – being a foreigner – to suggest to Venezuelans where they should invest their money. But I am certain that President Chavez and his ministers wish this money to serve the interests of Venezuelan people, and not those of Wall Street bankster mafia. In this case it might be reasonable to use this money for developing economic, military and social co-operation with Belarus. Belarus is the only state in the post-Soviet area which can be called socialist. And now the PMC scoundrels are again (as many times earlier) trying hard to destabilize and “privatize” the economics of Belarus. Please help Belarus to fight back, to defend itself from (anti)-“Russian” capitalist vultures!
The President of Belarus, Mr. Lukashenko, is a hard-nosed no-nonsense guy and has many traits in common with President Chavez. They both – a Belarussian and a Venezuelan – fight for the same cause of socialism, and all my – Russian – sympathies are with them.