Understanding Chavez & Iran

Dear Editor,
Rather than avoid the topic of President Chavez and Iran, as though Chavez is behaving in an aberrant fashion, I wish to see some solid rational political analysis on this matter from this website.

President Chavez supports President Ahmadinejad for good reason; he recognises that Iran’s elected government is being undermined by nefarious powers and he knows what the instituting of a neo-liberal agenda will do to Iran’s mainly nationalised industries, and to Iran’s poor. Chavez himself has had to deal with unrest aided by external forces after elections in Venezuala.

I believe Chavez’ stance on this matter is entirely consistent with his world view. It does appear that in the UK , people have forgotten all they know about media lies and have swallowed whole the BBC, Reuters, AP line without question. A few hundred thousand people [with the aid of Radio Free Europe and the CIA] made the so-called ‘Orange Revolution’ in Ukraine, over three million marchers in the UK made no impact whatever at the beginning of the Iraq war. We need to remind ourselves that a handful of sources feed us our daily ‘news’; the days of bullet dodging in-the-field reporters like John Pilger are long gone. I would rather trust Chavez’ instincts than the BBC.

W Toomey