Hugo Chavez supports Iranian government?

Dear editor,
As an Iranian leftist, who has always supported Hugo Chavez, and Venezuela’s people for their struggle for their freedom. I just simply couldn’t believe the news that Hugo has supported the most dictator president and government in the world.
Dear Mr. Chavez, millions of people have poured in the streets of Iran, begging for freedom and human rights.
Please open your eyes, people need your support. and we will never forget these crucial momemts, our friends and our enemies.
People are being killed in the streets, blood is all over, just today a pregnant woman was shot killed.
The world is watching, How could you not see the people’s struggle against tyranny.
Love live the struggle of people of Iran for freedom.
Dear Chavez, on behalf of all iranian leftists, we are begging you to stop your support of Islamic Regime of Iran, and support the people of Iran.
A friend of Venezuela’s people.