Debate..who’s to blame

I have noticed that far from being analytical, venezuelanalysis appears to be little more than a mouthpiece for the Venezuelan regime. For example, the article about Vargas Llosa 'backing out' of a debate was simply the most unapologetic piece of spin I have ever seen. If you watch the clip from 'Alo Presidente' Mr. Chavez made it clear that he was inviting the intellectuals to appear on the show with him. However, the argument that he is a soldier and not an intellectual is downright laughable. It is an excuse to not debate three rather intelligent people that could end up embarrassing him on live TV. Chavez knows the power of a carefully crafted image. Alo Presidente is a modern-day king holding court, and anything that does not reinforce the president's image is not included in the programming. To argue that somehow Vargas Llosa's actions caused the cancellation of the debate is simply inaccurate, when Chavez implied that the debate would be between the intellectuals and himself, only to later change the rules of the game.

Editor's note: Please send us the link where Chavez says HE will participate in the debate. In the video we saw it was absolutely clear that Chavez said from the start that he would sit in the audience and that the conservatives would debate other leftists. Here's the link we have: