‘freedom and democray’ words being coopted by the right

How long will this farce go on. At that recent right wing conference, ‘International Conference for Freedom and Democracy’ funded by thre National Endowment for Democracy, we see the participants taking control of words like ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’, without actually defining them. Its ironic that they hiold their conference decrying a lack of freedom in Venezuela IN Venezuela!
Brazenly they annouce their real goals:
‘A major theme of the conference was how to put an end to the political changes been carried out by President Hugo Chávez and a wave of other progressive presidents who have been elected across the region over the past ten years’

while abusing the words ‘freedom and democracy’. Has Llosa ever been challenged in what he means by these words? He is notorious for defending Pinochets economic ‘refoms’ while decrying the means to carry them out.


Whereas Chavez’s reforms he hates, and demand they be reversed..sa the 2002 coup attempted to do…I didnt know he was Venezuelan!

His remarks against ‘social property’ show his lack of any awarenesss of economic history: hasnt he heard of ‘commons’? or ‘Commonwealth’? Traditional proprtry WAS largely social, an became individual only in recent centuries.

‘Vargas proceeded to encourage the wealthy and powerful conference attendees to impede the Chávez administration’s progressive policies’

This is a call for social strife and should be treated as a crime.