Danger of cell phone technology…govts and industry denialism

i see Venezuela wants to initiate its own brand of cell phone. this is rathe alarming, and i can only assume the govt has not been doing its homework.
Cel phones are linked to increase in the cases of brain cancer, cell phone towers esp, as you can see by persusing this site:
So whywouldChavez want to increase the world electromagetic pollution? What happens tothe cell phones when they are thrown away?They contain toxic components:
'The Toxic Price of Throwaway Phones
The pollution potential of millions of disposable cell phones is enormous.
by Margie Wylie
The first disposable cellular telephones won't hit the market until fall, but environmentalists are already concerned about the toxic trash that millions of chat-and-chuck phones could generate '
If the govt is doing this to diversify their economy, they pay like to consider that if they pollute their environment any more, they may not have an economy or society to diversify