Are Indians being use by Chavez as a Publicity Stunt?

Ther are many of us that have followed the changes in South America and the role President Chavez has played. As the Native people in North America known for our resistance, the people of the Six Nations and the Mohawks in particular, have listened to his words and watched to see if the actions followed. When President Chavez announced his program to provide heating oil to Native people, we listened. We even went to Harlem to hear him speak. We listened some more. We sent representatives to Caracas to attend a conference for indigenous people. Our people listened still more. All of these events received great coverage and provided wonderful photo opportunities, but when the dust cleared what were the actions? For all of the rhetoric about imperialism and colonialism, who is it that has benefited from Mr. Chavez' programs? Clearly Citgo and Mr. Chavez got their desired public relations effect, but what about the Indians? There are those of us that have tried for years to establish economic ties between Venezuela and our Native communities. This effort has always been opposed by Tribal Councils. These "federally recognized tribes" are the very sell-outs that "lick the hands that smite them". They owe their very existence to the federal government. They do not represent the people; their authority comes from Washington. These are the administrators for the heating oil program. We never asked for free oil; only for a supply for our fuel stations. We asked is there any other products that we could assist the people of Venezuela in reaching the American market. Are there any opportunities of mutual benefit that still could add to the political discourse. To this day Citgo uses the list of "federally recognized tribes", provided by Washington to give millions of gallons of fuel away. Most of these "tribal" entities won't even promote the program because they don't want to ruffle feathers by being associated with someone who will speak out against US agression. These tribal puppets do not support any of the change that Chavez has come to represent and never will. American capitalism is their meal ticket. Many of them are clueless about sovereignty or self determination. To them these are item that the US lets them have at the discretion of US interests. If President Chavez is sincere about wanting to work with Native people, there are many that would love the opportunity. If he is looking for people that he can dangle free oil over for photo ops, perhaps he should stick with the white people. Supporting these tribal governments does not help the people, it only empowers the sell-outs in our communities.