Aknowlegement of Critical efforts

Dear Editor,

It is with great enthusiasm and and appreciation we in South Africa are following your reports on Venezuela and your teams effort to continuously bringing us inside news and knowledge about critical happenings in the country as well as regarding America’s tactics to undermined the government and President Hugo Chavez.

I have hesitated before (on the artical on former FBI’s speaking out) but could not hold back this time after reading your artical on the secret report implicating the Pantegon and its Phcycological Warriors published on March 15th 2009, by Eva Golinger – Axis of Logic.

My question: What now?

Are you going to raise the issues with Obama and the world leaders in general? Something needs to be done to that effect! I am not sure if have a Sounth African Ambessy in Caracas. If yes, what is their role on these and other matter raised by you newletter.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Yours in solidary,

Concerned South African and supporter of 21st Century Socialism.