The illusion of change in USA

We elected a new president–with the hopes that important issues would be addressed–the economy of the USA has center stage all over the world–but do other countries see the meaning of what "banking reform & regulation" are turning out to mean?–that those who have too much –who have looted the economy like the 3rd reich did in germany–are being rewarded by the theft of monies from the poor and needy–and as the coffers of the peoples are emptied–the funds are being pipelined into hidden repositories in un named locations–that Americas new leadership is an accessory to this criminal theft and economic genocide–18000 american citizens dying from lack of access to healthcare–thousands of homeless dying of exposure while hundreds of houses remain vacant –owned by banks that bought TOXIC ASSETS!–that police respond to the complaints of the frightened middle class to roust the poor and homeless in the USA cities out into the rain and–these american humanitarian crimes are hidden from most media–many people aoo over the world including the USA see Hugo Chavez as a great hero-a lone voice of opposition against the genocidal imperial colonalistic greed that still remains the basis of the american and world banking system–GOHUGOHUGOHUGO–accent on the GO!!