Eva Golingers Analysis

Thanks to Eva Golinger, we get very precise and serious, i. e. objective information about the maneuvers the US (backed by its allies in the aim to promote the free market) uses to control countries in a way that the polit-economic interests of the US may be preserved as much as possible.
What an incredible amount of corpses and destruction all over the world this includes should allways be present in any mind.
I recommend Tim Weiners book "Legacy of the Ashes" for this purpose. Although it has the touch of pointing at the CIA of being not well informed or organized – the reader can get a summary of the ruthlessness of the fight against socialistic or communistic ideas in a lot of countries in the world, and study, how many people had to be killed to make the world a capitalistic one.
p.s.: the other millions, starved to dead add on top of these "political corpses".