Thank you Venezuelanalysis

I wanted to write and say thank you for existing! It is so refreshing to hear the side of Venezuelan politics that is not deemed 'newsworthy' by the British press. I have studied Latin American history and politics in depth and have tried to follow Chavez' reign from Britain, but to my great dismay, even the more left wing papers like the Guardian find it easier to characature Chavez and his actions in simple, often false, terms and no one ever bothers to look at why he does the things he does. The language used to describe the Venezuelan government in the British press is often manipulative and always negative, even if done subtly.
I don't think Chavez is a saint and I am not naive enough to think everything he does is perfect and good and for the people: he is a politician after all! But what he represents is a trial of something different in a region of the world where all things governmental have stayed very much the same since the wars of independence nearly 200 years ago (i.e. corrupt, white, ruled by the policies of the IMF and World Bank). They might be friends but Chavez simply is not Fidel Castro. He asked the people if they trusted him to continue along the long hard road of completely reforming a huge country…and el pueblo said YES!
I urge the Western media to use their correspondents in South America to delve deeper and to think more critically about politics there, and to not patronise the people of our countries by reducing the actions of Latino Leaders to either good or bad.