Sulphur Fumes in Casa Bianca

Dear Mr. Editor,

President Hugo Chavez once had a narrow escape at the rostrum of the UN assemby hall after inhaling poisonous sulphuric fumes left behind by a certain hoofed nefarious creature named “W”. Don’t you think that the newly elected President Obama and his family might be running even a greater risk of suffocation from sulphuric emmissions at the White House, due to the limited space and considerably higher concentration of sulphur in the air.

Don’t you also think, dear Mr. Editor, that a professional exorcist should be summoned to kindly ask W’s friend Beelzebub to pack up and move to Texas?

My greatest worry, Mr. Editor, is, however, that President Obama, during his recent visit to the W’s office, may have already received a considerable amount of the abovementioned vapor in his lungs, and that from now on it’s gonna be a classical case of “deja vu.”

Best regards,

Nick Sawczenko