Message sent to President elect Barack Obama

Already you have made a mistake and are not yet in office. Hugo Chavez is not slowing the progress of South America and only wants the US to stop interfering in the internal affairs of their verified and verifiable democratic Government, and with Hugo Chavez the landslide winner in transparent and fair elections the transparency of which surpasses that of the US.
You must not accept the information supplied by the CIA or State Department. Check for yourself.

Look into Venezuela, meet Chavez. Speak to those who are his supporters and not the wealthy minority who oppose Mr. Chavez but who cannot and have not in the last ten years gotten close to a majority of the votes cast in the several elections during that time.
I have been there and seen for myself. I encourage for you to do so as well. And do not go just to where the embassy staff wants to take you.

Go to some of the successful new cooperatives formed from unemployed people with Government loans. Talk to poor people who have, for the first time accessed higher education, talk to someone who for the first time in her life received prenatal care and has access to health care in her own community.

Talk to the people who for the first time have had the chance to participate in the decisions about what issues to address in their own community and what project should be prioritized in local budgeting decisions.
Following such a visit, you will no longer have disapproving things to say about President Chavez because you will know that he can teach you a few things about Government of the People, for the People, and by the People.