Student Protests over Term Limits are Nonsense

The recent demonstration by students over term limits for office are being pushed by outside influence; notably the United States, and opposition parties who’s intent is to destabalize the Venezuelan Government under Hugo Chavez.

Last year a Venezuelan student who demonstrated over this issue was rewarded by a US Financial Reward.

Not having term limits is a standard procedure for countries who are part of the British Commonwealth, and other countries. This is the norm.

Hugo Chavez has shown himself to be very democratic, and deserves to stay in office as long as the people will have him.

He is one of the few world leaders who actually cares for all his people.

Hugo Chavez has helped all levels of society especially the poor, and disfranchised.

He is a bright light to South America and all poor people of the world.

We need men like him in North America to bring balance back to our society that has widened the gap dramatically between the rich and everyone else.