A message to free people of Venezuelle and their president Mr Chavez

Dear free people of Venezuela

I am a Turkish person who lives thousands of miles away of you.

Today, I have opened the newspapers and I saw something

‘Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador over Gaza.’

Now, when I read this, in the same time I was reading the terriyfing news about the murder of civilians those include women, men, elderly people and most upsetting is, the kids, by the unlawful and unjustified invasion and attack by Isreali Army. This horrible war machine is killing everyone regardless of been in a hospital or in a school or in a church or mosque.

War is never can be justified to be used as a reason to kill innocents at the level of committing a crime which can only be named as ‘genocide’. Now, it upsetting more, when this is done by a nation who history says suffered from genocide. No one can convince a human with heart that murder is a solution. Its a crime when a Jewish has been murdered by a rocket launched to his home but its also a crime when constant bombing killing people who have nothing, no army, no weapons, no food, no water, no electricity, no medical supplies basicly nothing to defend them selves not only against the army marching towards them to kill them but also they have nothing to defend themselves from hunger, from cold, from, illnesses. We are not talking about the reasons which brought this issue to this level however its time to act upon whats happenning right now infront of the eyes of so called international community. The so-called international system which has been created by the hegemonic forces who wants to rule the world as they wish and they do , donot accept a life opportunity to those who are not to obey them. Thats where you, the free people of Venezuela, to be proud of. Be proud of your self and the president who you have, and because he fights for your freedom and he raises his voice over any unlawful and un-just rule and incident at any corner of the world. You, the free people of Venezuela, could just do what every other nation does on earth and could shut your eyes to whatever is happening and just deal with your own issues. However, You decided to say ‘NO’. And that is why , me, my family, my nation and everyone will remember You and your president with good terms in the name of humanity.

We are the people who is seeking love and respect and human rights for everyone, not only for those who are only American or Israeli or British or french or whatever, but for every single person in the world and this is what should be, however what we are facing is the double standart by especially USA and Israel. I will not say anything about the crimes they commit, in the past and now, but we do have a chance to stop them if only we can have the courage you have, one day.

Terrorrism is a crime against humanity and it is a crime when it attacks the people of Israel, the people of USA but also the people of Phallestine and Afghanistan and Iraq and Checnya and Sudan and Vietnam and Cuba and many others who suffered in the hands of those so called democratic states which claim to respect the human rights but never hesitates to violate the most basic and most fundamental human right which is, ‘Right to Life’.

This world is big and beautiful enough to accomadate all of us, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Budists etc..This world is a gift to us to enjoy but for all of us regardless of race, religion, colour, language, regardless of any discrimination and unfortunately there are not many voices raise up to speak out this but You, the free people of Venezuela, have a spokesman to declare this to the world on your behalf, Mr Chavez.

That is why I was so proud of you this morning when I read the newspaper. That is why I got some hopes in the name of humanity that there are still free people in the world to act against this crime. Since all the eladers of world just declared it is to be stopped, I can still feel that they are tacitly aggreing with what is going on and they have not much interest and intention to stop it. Probably it is because they are feared of Israel and its big brother, USa or maybe because Phalestine has no petrol or whatever. But dear Mr Chavez, you showed us one more time that, humanity does not need a reason to act on to stop unhumanity in the world. Thank you. In the name of God, thank you.

With all my due respects to all the citizens and free people of Venezuela and Mr Chavez

Many thanks and regards,

your sincerely

Hakan Suslu from Turkiye