Nuclear Power is Not the Way to Go

Recently Hugo Chavez, whom I admire, has suggested that Venezuela needs to build a nuclear power plant for energy needs in the future.

Do not do it!

Nuclear power is probably the worst way to produce power when one takes all factors into consideration.

-very, very costly to build safely

-has a short useful life before having to be replaced, or exspensively updated. only to be replaced at great cost in a few years.

-no place to put nuclear waste. This is a continuing problem for all current Nuclear energy producers, and has no solution. Waste includes everything used in the plant plus the plant itself, and is dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years.

-has a short life span until the plant must be replaced.

-it is very expensive to replace a nuclear plant, and there is still no place to put the radioactive waste.

-runs the risk of attack by opposition groups

-will be viewed by the Western World as a disguise in order to build nuclear weapons

-will make Venezuela a target

– puts the area of the nuclear plant under a clear danger as the plant could by error, or intention release nuclear poisons. As with Chernobyl the area becomes unlivable for many generations.

Nuclear power in future generations will be viewed as madness, and not to be pursued.

Instead of Nuclear Power it would be much better to go in the direction of alternate energy such as solar, wind, and yet to be discovered new technologies.

It simply is not worth the trouble, or the risk to Venezuela, it’s revolution, and it’s people