Response to Mark Weisbrot

There is no doubt a McCain win would be devastating to the lives of the majority of people in Central and South America. But holding out hope that Obama is a sheep in wolves’ clothing is an odd twist.
While it is true that those who run for the office of President of the United States are not known for their honesty or integrity, and while the winner seems to lose what little of either he had once he takes office, it is a bit much for us to trust in Obama’s integrity and honesty by hoping he is “just kidding” when he tows the Bush Administration line in regard to Venezuela.
When you hope that Obama is “just kidding,” are you hoping that he is only lying to the American people to get elected? Is that really the best we can hope for, that Obama is lying to us so that he may get elected, and hold out further hope that he will reverse his lies in favor of the majority of the Venezuelan people over U.S. Government and corporate interests once elected?
Are you wearing blue suede shoes by any chance?