Could an Obama win Hurt Chavez? (CS Monitor)

Was Chavez joking when he said that if he were an U.S. citizen that he would vote for McCain? AFter all he is virtually from the same stock with a so-called war hero status. I read this article some truth to it. I am a huge supporter of Hugo Chavez as he had stood up and defeated a 2002 coup backed by the U.S. And ever since then he had been moving things quickly with a support of an overwhelming majority of the people.

My concern as an U.S. citizen is that we really want a shift in U.S. foreign policy here and as a result we do not have many choices except for Obama for that to occur. Perhaps he will not effect that change to come about in a significant way, but he stands head and shoulders over Bush in a moral since. The question remains: What will Chavez do when and if Obama gets elected? Will the Bolivarian movement cease? Suppose Obama offers something different that U.S. imperialism? I really want the movement to overcome the setbacks that had befallen it last year. I do not want to see another recall in Venezuela's election process and have them electing some corporate bought moderate puppet of the U.S. Remember democrats and republicans are two sides of the same imperialist paradigm bent on preserving the status quo.

Editor's note: We did not see Chavez say that about McCain, so we don't know if it was a joke. On the other hand, Chavez did criticize Obama today, for having said something stupid again about Venezuela.