Let’s Not Get Distracted

Of course US and Colombian agents are working together. Let's not get distracted. The most important tasks confronting the vanguard in Latin America include breaking Colombia out of the gringo orbit. It is irrelevant whether US and/or Colombian secret police were responsible for the freeing of Bentancourt et. al. It was a good thing to get passed that kidnapping so we can focus on the future reorganization of revolutionary affairs in Colombia. It would be best for FARC to release all of its captives – tactics have to change with objective conditions – the time for kidnapping is I suspect, as does Hugo Chavez, well into the past. It is possible to build a broader front of progressive and newly empowered small farmer forces to forge a coalition similar to that in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. Or, for that matter in Peru where progressive forces will be challenging the puppet regime of the Arch-comprador Alan Garcia, tomorrow. Let'sget on to this new phase in Colombia – then, if necessary the armed struggle can be stepped up until the reactionary regime in Bogota agrees to give up its Gringo alliance.