Chavez and the FARC

I am a staunch supporter of the Bolivarian revolution and of Chavez but I was very disappointed by his last remarks earlier this week
“President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela stated that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) should lay down their arms and unconditionally release all of their hostages.”

Chavez should realize that by stating this :
1- he interferes with the FARC strategy which belongs to the Colombian left and not to him to decide
2- the right wing wont stop making false accusations that he armed the FARC in the past anyway
3- it isolated the FARC even more and strengthens the URIBE right wing governemnt and their political line that they don’t have to make any concession to the “terrorist” while the right wing continues to assassinate trade unionists and militants regularly
4- the USA will use that as an excuse to step up their military build up
5- Chavez was called in as a mediator to help release the hostages he must stay that if he starts to help in isolating the FARC he weakens his own position since the USA don’t tolerate him any more than they tolerate the FARC
6- Chavez himself would not accept that any external political forces, as left wing as they call themselves, to tell him what to do and to tell him what not to do as a political strategy INSIDE venezuela so WHY doe he tell the FARC what to do and what not to do
7- Chavez should take example from his friend Fidel who did not came to power trough elections like Chavez but who never told Chavez publicly that he should do this or that internally and how Chavez should run his revolutionary process
8- Fidel might have in mind the elected government of Allende, Goulart, Arbenz, and so many others that were overthrown but nevertheless he did not criticize Chavez for playing by the rules of the political system inherited from the old regime
9- if Chavez does not agree with the taking of hostages as a political tool, he is right, but that does not mean that he as to sing along with the wolves, he should just help the FARC save the face and expose URIBE who by the way made everything possible to prevent any hostage release because that might de-legitimize his all out war on the FARC
10- FARC have suffered the recent killing of his leader Reyes in an illegal operation inside Ecuador, what more Chavez need to realize that this URIBE DOES NOT WANT PEACE, so why de-legitimize the FARC
11- I fear that the right wing of Chavismo is taking over and slowly but surely deviates the revolution form any advance. Those advisors who told Chavez to condemn the FARC, their strategy and policies, are to be fired because they are either too stupid to realize that they are helping the AMERICAN-COLOMBIAN right wing aggression, OR they are set to derail the revolution and weaken it from inside.
in solidarity
jean-Pierre Daubois