A Smart Move

If there is a way to split the reactionary section of Uribe’s coalition away from him it would be a real coup to see it done. As I have pointed out in these letters before Uribe is more than a puppet of US imperialism (unlike the Arch-Comprador Alan Garcia in Peru) and has his own constituency within Colombia’s ruling oligarchy. I have known some of these people for generations and many of them hate the US ruling bosses as much as we do. Breaking Colombia away from Gringo Imperialism would be the tolling of the bell for that evil bunch of gringos in South America. Itr would be the end of US imperialism too. Their puppet Alan Garcia is all they would have left and he is a big nothing! Chavez should be congratulated on this smart move. The FARC of course will have to be guaranteed legal status so they can participate in new bourgeois democracy. Perhaps the Colombian ruling families are ready to admit that the FARC and its constituency is here to stay and agree not to launch any more Chiang Kai-shek (1927) Green Gang massacres.