Colombian aggression

Colombia continues to aggressively attack Ecuador and Venezuela and plan further invasions of their neighbors by orders of President Bush. The only logical response to a facist neighbor like Colombia is to reinforce border patrols and stop all trade between Colombia and Venezuela and Colombia and Ecuador. Venezuela has the resources to blockade Colombia until they come to their senses. President Chavez had promised to do this but relented and this is an open invitation to President Bush to send armed Blackwater mercenaries in Colombian military attire in guerilla attacks into both Ecuador and Venezuela to plunder and assassinate political leaders of both countries. If Venezuela and Ecuador blockade Colombia to prevent unauthorized assistance to FARC and halt all trade with Colombia this would force Bush to subsidize the $6 BILLION loss in revenue that Colombia would suffer. This would answer Bush and Uribe’s false claims of inciting violence and put a stop to guerilla activity by Blackwater mercenaries. Long live Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez and the socialist revolution.